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To celebrate its 76th Founding Anniversary and the legacy of the Alfelor Family in the learning community, the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) hosted an inter-school friendly competition with 6 other Alfelor institutions, namely: Partido College, Felix Alfelor Sr. Foundation College (FAFC), Alfelor Sr. Memorial College (ASMC), CCDI Legazpi, CCDI Naga, and CCDI Sorsogon. The competition commenced on March 17, 2024, with the theme “Celebrating heritage, embracing innovation and 76 years of academic excellence,” and concluded on March 21, 2024.

Showcasing their outstanding performance and commitment to excellence, CCDI delegates secured a number of significant awards across various events. They earned the following awards in their respective events:


Paola Lasala – Champion, Spoken Poetry
Daphne Bermundo and Izer Jalmasco – 3rd Runner-Up, Vocal Duet
Dodiel Bermundo – Champion, Vocal Solo
Wella Mae Gaton and Lean Andre Diamante – 2nd Runner-Up, Dancesports


CCDI Wildcats – Champion, Men 5×5 Basketball Tournament; Champion, Men 3×3 Basketball Tournament
3×3 Women team – 1st Runner Up, Women 3×3 basketball tournament
Volleyball Men team – 2nd Runner-Up, Volleybal
Ely Lariosa, Bergell Dio, Johndhel Cabayo, and Jayvee Jebulan – 1st Runner-Up, Badminton Men
Althea Mae Labasbas, Misty Javines, Rhonalyn Rodulfo, and Lean Beriña – 2nd Runner-Up, Badminton Women
Jenine Duka – 1st Runner-Up, Scrabble Women
Arby Jamoralin – 1st Runner-Up, Chess Board 1
Kyle Nepomuceno – Champion, Chess Board 2
Bonel Gardon, Vince Ian Escopete, John Rafael Escanilla, Ralph Brogada, and John Rick Dominguez – 1st Runner-Up, E-sports


Ella Noela Ramos, Althea Stephanie Pura, Gabriel De Vera – 1st Runner-Up, Academic Contest

These achievements are testaments to the culture of excellence inculcated in CCDIans and how the institution has empowered them to thrive in every opportunity, be it in talent competitions, sports, and academics. This will be one of the legacies of the Alfelor Family – an empowered learning community deeply committed to excellence.