CCDI Campus Ministry

CCDI Campus Ministry stimulates the spiritual growth and community engagement of the students. Anchored in the institution’s commitment to holistic learning, the ministry provides opportunities for students to deepen their faith, develop a sense of belonging, and achieve transformation.


Supreme Student Government

A student-led organization that represents and advocates for the student body. It organizes and implements policies and activities addressing the needs of CCDIans, and aims to simulate learners’ engagement in the decision-making process to foster a conductive space and ensure holistic learning,


The Source Code

The Computer Communication Development Institute’s official school publication run by and for the students. Committed to truth, it serves as dynamic platform to inform the public with relevant and interesting information,  and to provide a forum for students’ insights. It upholds and defends the students’ freedom in speech and expression.


Wildcats Sports Club

Wildcats Sports Club is dedicated to fostering a passion for basketball, honing physical fitness, and competitive play, and instilling values such as discipline, leadership, and resilience among the student-athletes. It highlights how sports engagement contributes to holistic development.


Culture and Arts Club

Home to talented students, CCDI encourages them to explore the different facets of arts and culture through this club. It provides a supportive environment where they can showcase their talents and platform to inspire today’s generation to appreciate the vibrancy and abundance of Filipino culture.


IT Wiz Club

The IT Wiz Club is a support hub composed of IT students and is centered on collaboratively enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field. This is a platform to elevate CCDIans to excellence in the field of Information Technology.


English Club

The English Club is where students with a passion for the English language and literature come together for fun and engaging discussions, reading books and poems, writing literacy pieces, and enhancing language and communication skills. It offers an enriching opportunity to embrace the beauty of words.