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CCDI reaped 30 gold medals in the recently concluded PRISAA Provincial Games 2024 held last Match 14 to 17 here in Sorsogon City.

Out of 10 member HEIS, CCDI is ranked 4th in the over-all medal standing in Seniors Division with 22 golds, 2 silver and 4 bronze. Meanwhile, CCDI SHS garnered 8 medals gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze bringing the CCDI Juniors team to 3rd spot in the gold medal ranking.

CCDI Wildcats tops basketball with 11 gold medals. The Senior men’s team is the champion in basketball 5×5 and basketball 3×3 seniors. The juniors team bagged the 3×3 while the 5×5 team finished silver. Its captain ball, Raymark Lanuza is the top scorer of the team, with an amazing teamwork of the Wildcats.

CCDI dance sports team finished the season with 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze both in Latin and Standard category. Prime dancers Lean Andrei Diamante and Wella Mae Gaton in Latin category, and Jarvin Santos and J-Anne Mari Faune for standard category bagged 4 golds. Roylan Equipado and Lorenila Nedia finished silver in standard category. Gabriel Lachica and Ana Aldave completed bronze in the latin category.

CCDI’s Mr. Mr. Franz Mekan Zuniga outshine Cristopher Espenida of TLC in the final round of 9-bal championship while Endil Andrie Daria made a swift finish earning gold medal in 8-ball billiard, boys category. Ms. Marielle Gaviño made a clear finish against Mylene Fullas of The Lewis College in the final round.

Misty Nadine B. Javines Angel Kate Laureta ended bronze in badminton single in girls and women division, respectively.

Unopposed, Samuel Atrasado, Mark Guevara Alex Maravillas and Michael Mirabete are declared gold in wieghtlifitng, men category. Renald Sicad is also uncontested in Tennis, single.

In cultural competition, the reigning Miss CCDI, Zeina Guinoo is crowned Miss PRISAA Sorsogon 2024.

Other winners are the following; John Glenn – Gold, weightlifting 92 kg; Francis Russel Fresnida – Gold, weightlifting (heavy weight category); John Francis Sentes – Gold, Junior Kumite 48 kg; Aliah Rose B. Peralta – Gold Karatedo 60 kg; amd Zharlotte D. Lerio – Gold Kata (Women Division).

In a summary CCDI earned 43 medals in PRISAA Sorsogon 2024, with 22 gold, 2, silver and 4 bronze in Seniors division, and 8 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze in Juniors division.

Gold medalists and other selected athletes from CCDI Sorsogon will represent the province in the PRISAA Regional Games which will be held this May in Sorsogon City