Almost 25, 000 participants assembled in the Rompeolas at  the dawn of October 25, 2019 as people are  excited for the Color Run Sorsogon 7: Urupod, Sarabay, Burulig Kita!

It was a jaw-dropping scenario witnessing a kilometric pile of people of all walks from Rompeolas all the way to Magsaysay Street to Rizal Street back to Rompeolas. People are not running anymore, they are walking. The first kilometer is a procession, people are moving slowly because the road is filled up of participants. I heard one boy exclaimed, “Mommy it is not a run, we are walking too slow!”

The program was graced by a run enthusiast, Ms. Bernadette Escudero Quirante, Gov. Chiz only sister.  The event was also utilized  to launch the PNP’s Isumbong kay Manoy Bong, a transparency program of Col. Melecio Buslig Jr., Provincial Director of the  PNP Provincial Police Office.

The symbolic throwing of colors emphasized by Mr. Edgar Balasta as color of unity amidst diversity, had the perfect picture as the people celebrated and rejoiced  of their unity as Sorsoganons. The ceremony was participated by different sectoral representatives and government leaders.

People are electric during the Zumba Warm up lead by Coach Susan and Coach Kiko, regular Zumba trainers.

At exactly 6:00 a.m. the dignitaries advance the thousands crowd by 500 meters to start the run. Runners lead by Ms. Escudero, altogether do the countdown yet after moving a few meters, the crowd slowly moved as there are more thousand people ahead the starting line, waiting for  the timing to start the activity.

I started the run with Ms. Dette Escudero, Councilor Bem Dioneda, Board Members Roxan Escanilla and  Ryan Dioneda with the office of the Governor staff. Except Bem, I have them lost in the track.

Dry clothes were soaked before leaving the first intersection, then welcomed by the Jollibee and his dance crew that encourages the participants to dance. Few meters more, everything turned blue passing by the Kasanggayahan arc. Children are yelling on their first color.  Moving a little, strawberry colors of powders are showered unto our shirts as, dancers of Chowking grooved around us that people enjoyed dancing while walking. After few more steps the dancers of SSC teased us to join them dancing while crews and staff of Mc Donald waved and greeted everybody.

Finally, we took our normal breath. But I saw green fogs and smogs along LCC. Students of CCDI are splashing green powders everywhere! I asked a cup of it and showered my head. Bingo! I looked-a-like The Grinch in my green mezzy hair.

At not so far distance, I saw hunkies and beauties of the PNP leading the budots dance. Children are laughing and imitating the PNP funny dance moves. It is somehow awkward to see men in uniform doing the Budots dance.

While enjoying the dancing, I saw people yelling and coming to me! Bubbles puffs unto my head. The foam blown by machine is aimed to my place.  Blown with foams of clouds, I enjoyed much.

While walking along Camp Escudero, I enjoyed watching people dancing and   crawling. HI and hello, I said to all people passing by, all are having the best fun. Anyway, it’s the nature of the Color Run – express your happiness!

In a distance we rushed to the Gaisano Capital area where there are more than 50 lead dancers waiting and teasing us to furrow. We danced for a minute and half, burning a little calories. Playful children thrown yellow powders in our shirts and we throw them back!

We halted and took a glass of water in a Drinking Water Station, then thousands of runners screaming and waiving to the fire truck of the Bureau of Fire and Protection. The fireman aim nozzle hose and we are rinsed temporarily! I enjoyed water with the young bloods!

We had our 500 meters walk and people are again screaming and fizzing being welcomed by orange colors along Garcia Street. It was funny the entire Alegre street turned orange!

Walking tired and calm, we are sprayed by car wash shops along Burgos street, took a deep breath and concentrate on walking until we reach the corner of Rizal street with the CBTG doing the festival dancing. The drums is enticing as it encourage me to run in its tempo.

We proceeded northbound of Rizal Street which was turned to be the busiest place. Along City Mall was installed another foam machines sprayed to the group of dancers lead by CCDI Senior High. Literally, people of all walks crawl in the street for selfies and groupies!

Approaching CCDI area, we were splashed with blue powders again, while everybody is chilling with the Mathematics dance – the theme in the area. People are shouting PLUS! MINUS! DIVIDE! As they enjoy the beat. Without us knowing that cameras are focused on us!

Three dance station in a 500 meters radius is a lot fun. As we turned right to VIP, we saw Maam Annabelle Ty-Hatol, directing her cute little pupils and teachers leading a banana dance. She imposed, we danced a lot better than our performance in other dance station!

Colors are all on the street. We crawl while passing SLMCS area and SPES area to complete the colors. Tired and fulfilled the enjoyment is not over yet. The Globe dancers trafficked us to do the finish line dance groove at the tune of “Manok na Pula!” We did it all laughing!

Reaching where we started, a teasing sound of the live band with Veronica Tayam and Owi Divina as lead vocalists! Super enjoy, I saw in the crowd Ms. Rein Hilary Carrascal, a multi-awarded Sorsogon beauty queen waved at me, while having her shoots from the acclaimed Renato Jao at the center of multitude people jumping underneath the foams and colors.

Here, foams, waters, colors, blasters, party and people collide! This is a day party I enjoyed much!

Yet, the best experience I had is seeing thousands of happiest people in unity and equality. The theme  Urupod, Sarabay, Burulig Kita (United, together, lets help others out) is not just an expression it’s in  the spirit of every Sorsoganons.  COLOR RUN SORSOGON – TRULY ONE OF A KIND!