CCDI is compliant to CHED requirements for the Office of Student Affairs and Services. In the evaluation conducted by Supervising Education Specialist, Engr. Janet Naag, CCDI Sorsogon is rated excellent in (a) SAS management and administration, (b) student welfare services, (c) institutional programs and services; and, (d) Institutional strategies, approaches, actions, initiatives, programs, and activities.


“To attain exceptional academic services, students must engage in activities and services that promote balanced human development. This area should receive priority attention from the school administration, requiring every institution to provide institutionalized programs and activities. Support services are also required to ensure students’ safety, security, and comfort.” Engr. Janet Naag said in our interview.


Mr. July Ajero, Dean of Student Affairs and Services commits to continuously improve and expanding programs, especially in sports, culture, and arts.


Edgar C. Balasta, School Administrator with Mrs. Leah Santa Manirque, the college registrar witnessed the validation activities.